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Natural Pain relief

When it comes to health, nature has you covered. In this blog, you will discover five natural pain relievers you wouldn’t have thought would work. But they do. There is a science to back up their claims.

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This spicy compound belongs to the hot pepper family. 

Cayenne pepper is a famous pepper known for its level of capsaicin.  It can be chopped up fresh or dried and added to your food for flavor. 

Did you know capsaicin (8-methyl-N-vanillyl-6-nonenamide) can also help reduce pain?(wikipedia)

Capsaicin reduces muscle aches and pain associated with arthritis when applied as a cream. 

It also helps keep you cool in the summer by thinning your blood, increasing your circulation, and lowering your blood pressure. 

Cayenne pepper is also known to help reduce ulcers.

This spice packs a pretty healthy punch đź‘Š

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Tart Cherry Juice

Unlike cherry juice, which you may be familiar with for sweetness, tart cherry juice is less sweet but has significant health benefits.

Natural tart cherry juice from concentrate will help reduce inflammation within the body and relief mild arthritis pain. 

The four compounds (cyanidin, kaempferol, quercetin and melatonin) are the naturally occurring elements that make this juice a powerful remedy for pain. 

According to the National Library of Medicine, 45 cherries per day will help reduce inflammation and decrease symptoms of muscle damage. 

45 Cherries equals approximately one cup of juice, but that’s not a scientific measurement. You’ll have to read the serving size on the label.

For more detailed information, visit this article How to use tart cherry juice to reduce inflammation and pain.

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Bromelain AKA pineapple juice.

Who would have thought a delicious pineapple could be so beneficial in reducing pain? 

Athletes have known this enzyme helps with muscle recovery for years. It’s usually taken after a vigorous workout to reduce swelling and pain caused by physical injuries.

Some studies have shown that Bromelain helps reduce pain in people who have rheumatoid arthritis. (Mount Sinai)

Although a pineapple doesn’t have a high enough concentration to be considered a solution, you can purchase the extracted enzyme from your local health food store. This is how you will benefit from bromelain as a natural way to reduce swelling and pain. 

It acts as an anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It’s extracted from the stem and the fruit of the plant.

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This odd-looking root not only flavors your tea but helps the body reduce pain. 

It’s often used in juicing blends because it helps to calm the stomach. 

The health benefits of ginger are due to its phytochemistry. 

It has antioxidative properties, which help with anti-aging within the body.

Ginger helps with muscle pain during mild-intensity workouts. 

The best method for utilizing the properties of this root is by using it fresh or juicing it fresh. (National library of medicine)

Zingiber officinale is often used in Ayurvedic medicine and Chinese medicine. It’s been used for 5000 years as a tonic.

CBD Oil 1000 MG

Cbd is not a new product to the market. It’s used in many trendy health drinks to quiet the mind and increase focus. 

Most mainstream CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and is non-psychoactive. 

Unlike THC, which attaches to the receptors in the brain and gut, CBD mainly interacts with serotonin, Gaba receptors, and dopamine. 

This is why it’s an excellent solution for pain. 

When CBD interacts with serotonin, it helps to reduce inflammation within the body, relieving pain and clearing brain fog. 

Once inflammation begins to subside, the body returns to a healthy homeostasis.

This is why CBD also helps enhance mood and stabilize anxiety.

When applied topically, it will reduce muscle pain and joint pain. 

(National Library of Medicine)

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