How to get started blogging and establish your brand.

How to blog

Deciding to start a blog can be nerve-racking. Many questions go through your mind, and some can be pretty alarming and trigger fear. A solid plan is essential to its success. This blog post gives you a general idea of how to create a campaign.

What will your brand look like to the consumer?

When you think about what vision you want your consumer to view your brand as, what does it look like from their point of view? Clearly defining your vision will help your consumer understand what you are offering. 

Try to picture your brand in a way you would view a famous brand you enjoy. 

For example, Nike. (everyone is familiar with this brand)

What message did that brand send you that convinced you to choose them over other brands? 

What colors did they use that caught your eye? 

How did they layout their website that made you trust them, and what words did they use that said to you, “I can relate to that?’

Find brands you like online and look at all their campaigns. What stood out to you, and what didn’t?

Open a docs file and start a page with ideas that will help you organize information in a cohesive way that consumers understand and trust. Collecting examples of brands you enjoy sparks creativity when defining a vision for your brand. 

A brand vision, clearly defined, will help your consumer understand what you are offering.

Photo by Andrew Neel

Who is your ideal reader? Who is going to read your content?

Once you have your brand vision defined, for the most part, the next step is to identify who your audience is. 

Where does this person hang out online? Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, or is it something else? 

There are many platforms for people to communicate, but only some use all of them. 

Knowing who the ideal reader is and directly targeting them on the right platform will increase the likelihood of connecting your product or service to the right people. 

At first, it may seem like everyone is the right audience, but in reality, you have a market specifically for your offer that not everyone will desire. 

According to ContentGrip,

Boomers and gen Xers are found mainly on Facebook.

Millennials tend to use Instagram and snap chat.

Generation Z is likely to be found on TikTok. 

Knowing your audience will help you better set up your campaign for success.

An excellent example of a highly niche-based audience is; 

1. Writing articles for Health and wellness specifically targeted to Generation X.

2. To be more specific: women of generation X

3. An even deeper dive would be blue-collar women of generation x

I think you get the point.

Once you define your audience, you can become an expert on the social platform they use the most. 

Photo by Alex Green

Decide what your brand values are.

What does your company stand for? Is it honesty? Could it be trust? It may be authenticity.

Establishing a clear brand value will help your audience identify with you and relate to your core values. 

For your audience to relate to your brand, they must attach an emotion similar to what you stand for. When your audience trusts you, they will become a loyal reader. 

The branding journal gives excellent examples of brand values.

Create a content calendar

Whether you are blogging full-time or part-time, establishing a content calendar will help you stay on track and consistent with your posts.

To gather ideas on topics, check out this post.

If you’re starting on a low budget to no budget, google calendar works fine. You can write your topics in the calendar you want to schedule and post for the week or month. 

You can set reminders to post consistently. 

Accessing the calendar is easy because it’s available on your phone, computer, tablet, or whatever source you need to quickly see what needs to be finished or posted. 

If your posting to Facebook and Instagram, meta business suite allows you to schedule posts in advance.

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