Freelance content

Content is something every website needs to thrive.

Producing content consistently takes a lot of research and time.

When considering hiring a content writer, It’s essential to keep your style and tone exactly how you want it.

1,000 to 3,000 words answer all the questions a reader may have.

Posting ONE blog a week will help bring traffic to your website over time.

    Captivating original content builds a solid brand reputation. Unique posts set your brand apart from mass-produced articles content farms sell to multiple websites. What do you think is better for your brand: buying a post that 75 other websites bought or owning a one-of-a-kind original piece?

    I provide original content every time!

    The problem with buying an article is that there is no guarantee that other people haven’t already purchased that same article. If multiple websites publish an article, Google has difficulty indexing that article because there are so many, potentially lowering your SEO ranking. It could essentially hurt your brand. The point of content is to build SEO and your brand name. 

    Original content is accessible for google to index because there is no doubt that your website owns that specific piece of content. When you provide a piece of content that has lots of value and solves the reader’s problem, you will likely retain that reader for future articles and gain email subscribers.  

    A personal touch.

    Working directly with Jennifer Lamb allows you to discuss what you want and craft a result that reflects your brand and how you want your brand to appear online. Staying true to your brand will continue to grow trust and authority with your readers. A post created with your brand in mind will better impact the audience. A more personal approach leaves your reader trusting that your brand is what they expected.

    Having a personal touch helps build your SEO. You will have a more targeted post by carefully selecting keywords and phrases in the title, introduction, and conclusion. 

    Targeted posts give the reader the information they expect. 

    Build relationships.

    Building relationships is a better long-term strategy. Relationships are the cornerstone of a successful brand. Think about all the successful brands out there, and the main objective of their marketing efforts is to build relationships with people and, in turn, develop their brand. You can achieve this by creating a solid content strategy for building relationships with your readers.

     You build a relationship by asking your audience to engage because they trust you enough to take the next step in your call to action. You can only get a solid call to action when you personalize the post to your brand.  

    Quality over quantity.

    Another aspect of good SEO is link building. The best way to attract links is by providing a quality article worth linking. High-quality content attracts links. Readers expect to view your post and find value. Value only comes from a well-thought-out, researched, and carefully crafted piece. Taking pride in providing high value to your readers will pay off in the long run.

    If you are in the wellness business and like regular blog posts about trending topics, I may be able to assist you.